Review of the GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

greenworks lawnmower corded model 25022

We got our hands on the GreenWorks 20-inch Corded lawn mower (model 25022) for testing late last year, and were pleasantly surprised by its ease of use, effectiveness, efficiency, noise levels, reliability, and power.

Best Gaming Laptops of 2020

We gathered 11 of the best-rated gaming laptops available for 2020, and put them through 4 months of testing. As a small group, this was a big deal for us. We didn't accept any freebies or demos, so this was a cost and labor intensive process, and we hope that you appreciate the unbiased outcome that results!

Best 24" IPS Monitors of 2020

For this year's list of the best 24" IPS monitors, we gathered 13 of the best-rated 24" monitors available on the market. We put them to the test, with demanding graphics editing, digital image review, and some mild video gaming. We tested their connectivity, color reproduction, brightness, refresh rates, ergonomics and adjustability, mode presets, and reliability. Surprisingly, the best monitors were not always the most expensive, which was nice to learn. Furthermore, you can get an IPS monitor with a lot of bang of the buck under the $200 price point. 

Best 24" Gaming Monitors of 2020

We gathered 14 of the best-rated 24" gaming monitors on the market this year. We put them to the test, with demanding graphics editing, digital image review, and intense video gaming. We walked away with 5 excellent gaming monitors that combine the best features, performance, and reasonable costs. Check them out! 

Generic versus Genuine Phone Chargers: Worth the cost?

Here at Digmodo we're always looking for good deals on great products, so it's no wonder we're tempted by the discounted products on EBay or Amazon. We won't link to them here, so as to not let them creep higher in the rankings. Most discount accessories for consumer electronics on EBay are shipped from China, so we've always been well aware of quality control issues. We've also wondered how China Post is so inexpensive to allow us to buy a 99-cent charger and have it shipped to us within a couple weeks from halfway around the world.